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Looking at Others


In a small village in Romania Tourists from all over the world are invited to observe the everyday life of one Roma family and several Roma communities.

The gaze as the very definition of othering – and tourists as the very definition of Orientalization. But tourists that travel to Roma villages and Roma that market gypsy romanticism? What do both sides hope to get out of it? Can a more profound encounter even take place at all under these circumstances, with this clear assignment of roles?


30 min | documentary | 2017 | english, romani


Produced by  Dennis Stormer, Anda Puscas

Directed by Dennis Stormer

Director of Photography: Anda Puscas

Sound: Moritz Vetter

Editor: Dennis Stormer

Music: Moa Nilsson

Supported by the EVZ and the goEast Film Festival

Winner of the Oppose Othering Award

An Oppose Othering Film




Subverting Established Views: OPPOSE OTHERING!