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Full of Fire

Full of Fire is a modern musical about Moas artistic longing to create and her search to belong.

80 min | hybrid | in post production | release 2020 | english & swedish

Moa always wanted to become a musician. Love brought her away from her dream. Years later she finds herself in a stuck relationship and motherhood she never chose. The single moment of finding her old synthesiser between long forgotten things, shakes her inside upside down.

Just a few days later, she finds herself on the road with no destination at all. Moa all alone. Just her boiling, raging, pushing, naïve self and her synthesiser, hitchhiking with strangers. Out to make music again.

Full of Fire transcends between fiction, musical and documentary. The poetic diary of Moa was created during an actual journey into the cars and homes of strangers, a journey towards new horizons of filmmaking.

Moa Nilsson, Adam Stålhammar, Tinka Fürst, Moritz Richard Schmidt

Production Companies : Intuition Club DE, Stormer Film SE
Produced, Written, Directed & Visualised by Dennis Stormer
Assistant Director & Sound Artist: Daniel Fuchs
Colourist: Yves Roy Vallaster
Art Director: Jenny Öhrman

Founded by
Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig Holstein