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Komm, ich fackel deine Eigentumswohnung ab | Let’s burn something on my way out!

The Love of Kathrin and Sebastian is an exceptional one. Without him she wouldn’t have the courage to move out from her parents.
Never cared somebody else as much about her. But both of them get sucked into the roles of helping and helped and slowly turn into victim and perpetrator.

40 min | fiction | 2015 | german

Poitiers Film Festival
Semaine de la critique – French critics discovery Award
Young German National Video Award
Winner Gold FiSH Film Festival Rostock

Poitiers Film Festival | Poitiers, France 11/16
West Nordic International Film Festival | Alesund, Norway 09/16
Phoenix Film Festival | Melbourne, Australia 11/16
Filmschau Baden-Württemberg | Stuttgart, Germany 12/16
Filmz Festival of German Cinema | Mainz, Germany 11/16
FiSH | Rostock, Germany 04/16
Cine Class | Paris, France 04/16
National German Video Award | Halle, Germany 06/16
Grand Indie Wise Convention Miami | Florida, US 08/16

Jenny Langner & Claudius v. Stolzmann
Production Company: Filmakademie Baden Württemberg GmBH
Produced by Dennis Stormer
Written & Directed by Dennis Stormer
Assistant Director: Jan David Günther, Constantin Hatz
Directors of Photography: Arvid Klapper, Jelena Ruszik
Sound design: Michael Böger
Music: Modern Borders