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Komm, ich fackel deine Eigentumswohnung ab | Let’s burn something on my way out!


Kathrin and Sebastian just discover their new life in their first fitted kitchen as suddenly… Arbeit macht frei. Trust in the Liberals. Burn down the west. ACAB (ACAB). new economy = new nazi. I drink Becks, I pay tax, I love Frontex. Let’s have a look on your CV. Housewifes on Demand. Little Pakistanis who were supposed to make tapestry, rape old Nazis in their Mercedesseses. CLAP CLAP CLAP. Excuse me, your Golden Retriever caught fire.


40 min | fiction | 2015 | german


With: Jenny Langner, Claudius v. Stolzmann

Production Company : Filmakademie Baden Württemberg GmBH

Produced by Dennis Stormer

Written & Directed by Dennis Stormer

Assistant Director: Jan David Günther, Constantin Hatz

Director of Photography: Arvid Klapper, Jelena Ruszik

Sound design: Michael Böger

Music: Modern Borders




semaine de la critique – french critics discovery award

national german video award

fish festival winner gold




Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne

Filmz Festival of German Cinema

Poitiers Filmfestival

Filmschau Baden Württemberg

FiSH Festival Rostock

German Video Award

Grand IndieWise Convention Miami

West Nordic International Film Festival Alesund