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Ich zünd dir nen Mercedes an | Just like This


Rejecting the consumer society around him, Aaron becomes more and more secluded.
One day he joins a family funeral in order to reconnect with his sister. But in the way to his sister stands her Nestlé employed boyfriend, a believer of growth. Things are not as they used to be.
Talk, ideology, adrift violence, stranded love.


15 min | fiction | 2017 | german


With: Johann Jürgens, Sheila Eckhart, Felix Freese, Lina Wendel

Production Company : Filmakademie Baden Württemberg GmBH

Produced by Astrid Schäfer & Marisa Meier

Written & Directed by Dennis Stormer

Assistant Director: Manuela Bastian

Director of Photography: Jan David Günther

Sound design: Marc Eyrich

Costume design: Lili Avar, Christina Chelaru

Scenography: Thomas Blank