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Light Inside


A film about freedom hope and feeling content

Moa wanders through Europe as a mirror to the lives of others, what ever live they live or don’t.

35 min | fiction | in post production | release 2018 | english


With: Moa Nilsson, Karim Daoud, Elisabeth Ehrlich, Anne Greta Weber, Claudius von Stolzmann, Julius Feldmeier, Moritz Richard Schmidt, Felix Bollain

Production Company : Filmakademie Baden Württemberg GmBH

Produced by Marisa Meier, Leonie Pokutta, Dennis Stormer, Felix Bollain

Written by Dennis Stormer, Lisa Glock

Directed by Dennis Stormer

Assistant Director: Daniel Fuchs, Felix Bollain

Director of Photography: Anda Puscas, Jan David Günther, Dennis Stormer

B Cam: Roger Gonzales, Felix Bollain

Sound: Moritz Vetter, Daniel Fuchs

Editor: Bela Adami

Music: Moa Nilsson

Costume Design: Jenny Öhrman

Scenography: Roger Gonzales

Supported with the LBBW Grant